Levigated polishing Alumina-Grade-1, Grade-II, Grade-III in water suspension. Grade-A, Grade-B and Grade-C in powder form.

Diamond Lapping compounds.

Polishing cloths - Selvyt, Duro, Valvet, Nylon, Micro Cloth, etc. (Indegenous & Imported).

Polishing Papers - 1/0/2/0, 3/0 and 4/0 (Indian as well as Imported).

Silicon - Carbide water proof papers of all grits and emery cloth belts of all grits.

Standard Test Block, Diamond and Ball Indenters for Hardness Testing Machines, POLDI Test Bars.

Magnetic Powders, Pastes and Magnetic Inks for visual as well as Flourescent applications.
Ultrasonic Probes, Cables and all Test Blocks.

Anti Spatter Spray, Silicon Mould Release Spray & Rust Remover.

Industrial Cleaning Solutions.

Industrial Ball Valves.
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